So You're Getting Married

And as your special day nears your excitement is beginning to start to feel like your freedom is being stripped away like the first national lockdown. You find yourself having doubts, tossing and turning at night, and seeking reassurance from your closest pals. Maybe "Do I really want to get married?" is a reoccurring question in your mind. You love your partner without a doubt, but something is starting to make you feel like the world around you is closing in on you. And guess what? You, sir, have caught a case of cold feet! You wan to know what else? It is absolutely, positively, without a doubt NORMAL. Trust me when I say you are not alone. Those married couples in your circle can back me up on it as well. Continue reading for 6 common signs of the pre-wedding jitters aka cold feet.

Here 6 common signs of pre-wedding jitters aka cold feet.

1. You find yourself thinking about other women, possibly old flames or new women in passing: Reality is seeping in that you will be spending the rest of your life with one woman and you can start to question whether or not she/he is truly the one you are supposed to be with. Best way to handle this is to interrupt these thoughts with all the things you love about the person you are with and why they are special. 

2. The two of you are arguing more than before: This can happen from planning the wedding alone due to stress. Sometimes it just seems like so many things are going on at once, and you can become quite agitated and the two of you take it out on each other. Arguing is a sign of a very healthy relationship as long as it doesn't resort to verbal and emotional abuse, then this too shall pass.

3. What you used to find cute about your Fiance' starts to become annoying: The fact is your partner should annoy you from time to time. Maybe ask your partner what annoys them about you so you won't feel like it is just you feeling this way.

4. You wonder if you will be a good husband or not: Fake it until you make it like anything else. No one is perfect and everyone's idea of a "good" spouse varies. The fact that your partner agreed to marry you says it all. Matter of fact, the transition from being a boyfriend/partner to husband should be seamless. So you have been doing good so far..keep it up! 

5. You want to spend more time with your friends than your Fiance': Do it, go and spend time with your friends because your future spouse will get to have all of you and more once you are married. Communicate your need to your fiance' and just try and include her/him now and then so they don't feel neglected. 

6. You lost your sex drive: This comes and goes even throughout marriage, not to mention with age. If your partner seems to have a higher sex drive then get you some ginseng which is a natural supplement to help kick your libido up a notch or explore alternative ways to be intimate. 

Now, go and jump the broom so you can live happily ever after :) 

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