Mother's Day Gifts to Make Her Feel Special

Top 10 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Have you thought of what you will be getting the special mother in your life? If not, just know you are not alone. But before you run out to purchase a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, take a look below at some of our gift ideas that will put a sparkle in her eyes, a flutter in her heart and a spark in her body.

Five Intimate Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

1. A calendar containing a memorable photo for each month of the year. Take it up a notch with prescheduled date nights and days you will take care of the children while she has some "me time".

2. Make a coupon book of various favors and tasks she may desire from you. Get creative, think of ways you can make her day easier and/or really turn it up for her in the bedroom.

3. Write her a heartfelt letter and send it via certified mail so she receives it personally.

4. Create a Strip Quiz...anything involving taking off clothes is fun and sexy!

5. Ask her to make a wishlist and randomly pick one to fulfill (emphasize it must be realistic :D) 

6. A robot vacuum cleaner to help her pick up your and the childrens' mess  

7. A fresh meal subscription for a month to give her relaxation and free time by having meals containing the freshest ingredients that she only needs to heat up when you guys are ready to eat. 

8. A spa basket filled with aromatic candles, slippers, face mask, bath salts, essential oils, herbal teas and a gift card to one of her favorite stores

9. Cook for her! Be her personal chef for the night by serving her wine, appetizers and a 4-course meal (if you aren't a great cook then have a catering company help you out ;D)

10. Take her on a mini-shopping spree and help her pick out things

Did you try any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments section below!

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